I Can See Clearly Now... with FF

So IE is a bust ... on some points I really like it and on others it makes things look out of whack but not with FF! My one favorite layout looks like crap in IE but with FF perfecto and same here with my lovely LJ layout that my Jenn helped me put up. I kept getting a PHOTOBUCKET Error with the other so that had to go, it made me not want to come here.

Its amazing that I post here maybe once out of maybe every year or two yet I'm on LJ everyday with ONTD! What can I say, it's a drug.
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I have finnaly found a name and got into LJ -- I have been trying for months to get into here but all the names I tried were taken -- so here is to a wonderful stay here and I hope I can post my celeb news over at Oh No The Didn't -- if you've never checked it out -- do so

Now I just have to decorate it -- Mmmmm I will go about asking my friend who already have a LJ

Its on of the best LJ communities I've ever seen
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